Thursday, August 21, 2008

Copa Wine Bar

Okay fellow drunkards (or wine snobs.. whatever) if you don't feel like paying 300% mark-up on wine and you want to drink it at a bar Copa Wine Bar is the place to go. The staff (and owners) are VERY knowledgeable. You can go in there and say.... "I want a nice red with some pepper, cassis and heavy tannins" and they will bring out a wine with exactly those characteristics. Not only that but it will be only a little more than you would pay at the grocery store! The selection is gimongus... lots and lots of wine. I particularly love the wine flights though I miss the wine/chocolate flights that were available for only a short time.
Too, I love the food at Copa. I'm not sure if I have tried anything on the menu that sucked but the Cheese, meat and fruit plates totally rock!
With big puffy couches upstairs and all the seating downstairs there's something for every occasion at Copa. Quiet cozy spots for that in front of the fireplace feeling with your date or spaces to socialize with a dozen friends or soon-to-be friends.
The music there is just loud enough to cover nearby conversations but not so loud as to make it difficult to converse with your table mates. The live musicians are always talented and fun.
Yes, I like Copa. I like it a lot.
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Jeff and David for being so kind to Mrs. SgtCody while I was deployed. When David said "you're husband's gone? Okay, I'll be the husband" and sat down and ordered for her (he wasn't even her server that night) I think she fell in love. Thank you so much David, there's no tip big enough to express our gratitude. You are a true gentleman and a master in your craft.


Scrotisserie Chicken said...

Ahh, copa. Some of my best nights in SA to date were there, specifically the going away party (few times in my history as a service industry pro have I met a staff more willing to accomadate a special gathering). For just a slight corking fee (or just giving some of your booze to Jeff and Dave, aka Sugar Ray) you can bring in your own swill, be it home brew, double magnums of Chimay (thanks SgtCody), or maybe a big bottle of moonshine and enjoy it in their lounge-ish type environment. Not straying too far from the archetypal wine bar decorum, Copa does a good job of giving people what they want (a dark wood bar, dim lights, bottle racks around the room, etc), but they do themselves a great service by limiting smoking to outside. As a cigar aficionado myself, I respect a business that accommodates the nonsmoker more than the smoker.

The only downside to Copa? There isn't one in Enid, Oklahoma. Tell Jeff and Marky Mark I said hi SgtCody.

PS. I apologize about the blogger name. I normally blog for Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

SgtCody said...

Hey D-Bag! Thanks for chiming in with the additional information. However I am astounded you remember anything at all about that evening, I know my recollection is hazy at best.

Scrotisserie Chicken said...

Yeah, I drank alot but somehow never blacked out, unlike the infamous thursday night Maredsous debacle at Stoneworks. Speaking of which are you gonna review that place?