Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where Should SgtCody Punish His Liver?

Hey, I don't pretend to know everything! Please post your suggestions with a link to Google Maps and a short description, I'll do my best to make my way over there. Oh, do me a favor y'all; if it's a place where most of the clientele is packin' heat or if I need to call my bank before I go let me know. While it would be cool to have my blog posted in Express News, I would rather it not be in the Obituaries.


Anonymous said...

Great job Cody - I'll have to hit the CB next time I'm in town. I'm dying to know what you think of Winston's (@2522 Nacogdoches Rd). It's been a long time since I've been there. - Carlos

Kelly said...

so you haven't been to a single new bar? you've got nothing to say? well, I'm in the big O this week and I'll find some bar to review here... kelly

vodkasoda said...

It looks like we need to make a date and find a new bar to reveiw.. you need new content and I need a drink ...

vodkasoda said...

seriously? Where have you been?


vodkasoda said...

okay - wth have you been doing? post something already.

Buck said...

Enjoyed your blog while searching for some St. Pat's leads. These would be some of my suggestions (oh, but so much elbow bending, and so little time) - Sherlocks (happy hour till 9, with some good prices, friendly waiters who can remember a drink) Waldo's (usually have playmate type bartenders and waitresses, which brings in a crowd of, well, more mature people, makes my wife and I feel young in comparison - drinks are not cheap); zen bar - (down on Houston St. across from the Majestic, parking is tough, unless you happen to be downtown for something else, but the happy hour till 7 is worth a walk, $3 for anything, including martinis and cosmos), Sgt Cody might like Olmos Pharmacy - "barmacy". I was in there on Mardi Gras evening, there's a real friendly bartender with a good range of beer and wine, with a real neighborhood feel, as you would expect at the edges of Monte Vista, Olmos Park, and Trinity neighborhoods.

The Basement - down on the backside of Alamo Plaza, an adventure, but you should be able to climb out alive but intoxicated

Speaking of basements - Club Cohiba - now here's a "find" that's been found by many SA locals. It's below the Havana "Riverwalk" Inn, in the basement. It's a cigar and martini bar, so it is a little smoky. The drinks are good (but not cheap). Perfect place for a tryst, or to get your wife to role-play as if she were out on an affair.

Ok, let me give it a break, and I'll ck back for the Commander's experiences.

Yahoo links:

SgtCody said...

Thank you Buck for your recommendations! I'll comment on each of these as soon as I get a bit of time..

thirsty said...

I am new in town and am going to check out CB today. I have been to Fatso's just for volleyball and beer - the bar area had karaoke which is like nails on the chalkboard to me.
One place I would highly recommend is Flying Saucer, but get a table because the waitresses are much hotter and nicer than the BTs. Over 200 beers in just about every style. $2.75 pints on monday, and $2.75 Texas-brewed pints on Sunday.
Thanks for the great reviews!