Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silo (1604 near Blanco)

Silo... If you had asked me about this place a few weeks ago I would only have mildly endorsed the food and service. For a place that bills itself to be "Elevated Cuisine" the food is uh.... okay.. When I throw down a hundred bucks for dinner I want to say to myself "This must be what it's like to be important/rich/a rock star/whatever", but when I left there I felt like I had just bought a broken ipod for $200. So, if you're going for fine dining I would recommend The Lodge, Bin 555, or Twenty-Nine for the money.
However, a few weeks ago we were out hunting cocktails and decided to stop by Silo's small bar. (We almost missed it because I tend to slam the gas pedal to the floor whenever I drive by Houlihan's) The bar was empty because it was so early on a Monday and we were greeted cheerfully by Amy (A hot chick who brings me alcohol, henceforth to be known as: HCWBMA). Amy mixed our drinks nice and strong, not CB's strong, but plenty strong even for me. She made conversation with us and we had a really good time. Now the moment I had been dreading; tab time. Amy placed the check tray in front of me, I peeked between the fingers of my trembling hand expecting not only an early end to our barhopping for the evening but that we would have to limit our entertainment to Blockbuster for a few nights.... "$36?!! There must be some mistake!" No, the numbers added up.. Whew! 50% tip for Amy....
A few days ago we were in the area and thirsty as usual... We went in to find the bar packed but got the same cheerful greeting from the first HCWBMA that saw us. We lucked out and only had to wait for a little while to get a couple of bar stools. I was relieved and just a little excited to see Amy behind the bar. She smiled, waved, and without a word had mixed our first round to match our last round from no less than two weeks before. This is no ordinary HCWBMA, this is an expert bartender worthy of her own bar.
That night there was a cover band (Eddie and the Boozers) playing music that was appropriate for the clientele; a pretty even mix of thirty-something couples and singles of roughly the same age looking for their second or third wife or husband. We had a hell of a good time, enjoyed the band immensely, and the tab was just as bearable as the last time.
Go to Silo's bar, ask for Amy and let her get you ripped.. You can thank me later.
Alas, Amy has moved to Florida. However Marty is a nice guy and an excellent bartender. I look forward to many interesting conversations over equally interesting cocktails at Silo.

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