Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zucchi's (Odessa)

Thanks for the Warm Welcome

While not nearly as clever as my brother, I will endeavor to provide insight that he does not. Like where to go to get your ass grabbed or not, depending on your mood. Or for the guys, where you can successfully grab ass or not. I will also be pointing out if there is a HD(udes)WBMA.

I'm currently vacationing in Odessa, Texas (!). I went out to find a place to lean over a bar and meet people last night & ended up at Zucchi. A very smoky small bar, with an odd crowd. There was a long haired skinny guy in a suit coat that had lace glued on his lapels, with a bunch of old cowboys and some gangsta types. Really though I, of course, picked the weirdo to visit with (wouldn't be fun if I didn't). Suffice it to say I won't be going back to Zucchi anytime soon. It was NOT the strongest pour and was really expensive. I'll search out somewhere else tonight. Back in SA by the end of the week - one can get drunk there without word of it getting back to one's mother!

***Edit*** I'm told that I should have included the story about the weirdo: He seemed nice enough, 30ish, clean and normal all the way through his second margarita (ugh!). We had interesting conversation until he ran into a friend who invited the 2 of us to sit with them. He then started an inquisition centering on what kind of drugs I do, I pointed at my standard vodka soda repeatedly as my only drug. He insisted on going home to get me whatever drug would get him laid. Talk about barking up the wrong tree! I finally told him to go get his favorite & we split as soon as he was out of the parking lot!

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