Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alibi's Sports and Spirits

Alibis' is THE downtown haunt for locals. Some of the best conversation I have ever had leaning up against a bar in this city. I love the bartenders and I love the patrons.
I think I have only made it through happy hour a couple of times but I remember one evening the DJ was off the freggin' hook! He was doing freestyle mash-ups that blew me away.
The beer selection is somewhat limited with your standard domestics and a handful of imports but the drinks... OMG the drinks... I'm pretty sure Alibis gets kick-backs from every cab company in this city. Between the bartenders and the clientele it's impossible to get outta this little joint without having a few very, very, strong shots. I wish my tab there was free every time I had to find a way to get home from Alibis. I remember one evening in particular I was sitting on the edge of the drivers' seat, head on my armrest hoping my ride would hurry up or death would take me somewhere less.... spinny, when I am astounded to hear "Hey mister.... sir?... would you like to buy some candy?". I looked up to see three teen-aged girls peddling their "we gotta sell this crap to go to band camp" wares. All I could think to say was "Jeeze girl! Can't you see the bartender has all my money?!"
But I digress... Thank you Alibis for many memorable evenings and some equally memorable black-out nights.

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