Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charlie Brown's, The strongest Pour in Town

Hey my friends, as a seasoned drunkard I have seen my fair share of bars and I must say that Charlie Brown's (so far) sits atop my list of what many would consider "dive bars".
Food: (Menu PDF) Let me get this out of the way.. yes, the food at CB's is outstanding; not outstanding "for a dive bar" but outstanding for any restaurant. I would put the chef at CB's up against any of the $50 a plate chefs downtown and be confident that in terms of food quality, originality, and presentation he would come out equal or better. (disclaimer: if you go here to eat don't expect presentation to be outstanding all the time. This is a bar folks. The chef there happens to cater too and that's where he can shine)
Beer: CB's has DosXX, Guiness, Shiner Bock, Coors Light, Budwiser and Bud Light on tap (if memory serves) and a very good selection of bottled beers for beer snobs and domestic beer lovers alike.
Wine: Yup, they have some.
Drinks: I'm gonna have to rip off the words of the great drunkards at Modern Drunkard Magazine (thank you Alan Owl for creating such a masterful turn of phrase) and apply them here.. Charlie Brown's is the strongest pour in town, hands down, clown. I don’t mean kindasortasomewhat strong or half-a-shot more strong, I mean SEASONED IN THE SOUSE, MAN-SIZE strong! Tonic for color, dig? Pink elephants on a ten dollar bill all the way. Go there, get stupid-cocktailed, and tell ‘em SgtCody sent ya. If you see me there (skinny bald guy, usually teetering atop my bar stool at the bar) introduce yourself and buy me a drink.
Pros: Cheap, strong drinks and prompt (sometimes too prompt) service; friendly staff and clientele; Good food; Good beer selection.
Cons: Cheap, strong drinks and prompt (sometimes too prompt) service... Oh how my liver hates you CB's (Becky I'm talkin' to you)


Kelly said...

I believe I would refer to CB's should be classified as neighborhood or corner bar instead of a dive. Don't you? And you forgot Skari-oke on Weds & Fri and best of all TRIVIA Thursday!

SgtCody said...

Of course I forgot karaoke and trivia! That stuff starts when? Like nine? By the time that stuff cranks up I have usually been sitting at the bar for almost five hours. I recollections of trivia are foggy.