Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Houlihan's Restaurant: Does MADD own stock?

Good afternoon Y'all, I had a second and thought I would use it to dive bomb a place I really wanted to like: Houlihan's Restaurant.
We went there for dinner and cocktails more than once in hopes our first couple of experiences were a fluke.
I'll start with the food. They have a cutsie menu with silly sayings throughout; I guess this to keep you entertained while you wait for a server to peel him/herself away from the other kids for long enough to get your order.
Once the food got there I found it to be lackluster at best for the price point. Seriously, a $25 steak should be at least a little better than I can make at home especially when our order took long enough that they could have started preparations with a living cow. (I'm catchin' a little crap from Mrs. SgtCody on this as she found the service to be adequate, I may have been brooding about the drinks) This all may have been tolerable if it weren't for....
The Drinks: If CB's is the strongest pour in town than Houlihan's is the weakest. I kept checking to see if Apu Nahasapeemapetilon was behind the bar because he would be proud of their extremely high prices and of how little alcohol they use in any given drink. I had no fewer than six short vodka/sodas in an hour and a half (I fetched 'em from the bar) and could have passed even the most stringent field sobriety test.
For dessert, order a key-lime martini.. There's no alcohol in it but it's very tasty.
So if you go to Houlihan's, stick with the appatizers, salads and "sure thing" entrees. Most importantly drink only beer or wine! If you try to get loaded on cocktails here you'll have to get a second mortgage.

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