Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jack's Bar & Restaurant; Go for the band, Stay 'cause you're stuck to your chair.

What can I say about Jack's? I have only been there three or four times for no other reason than they book the best bands I have ever seen in a dive bar. period.
I have never ordered food there (do they even have food?) and while I was there the band was playing so service was about what you would expect from a dive bar that is filled to capacity, meaning slow enough that there was no prayer of getting even remotely drunk.
From what I remember of the beer selection it was moderately limited with primarily domestics and a few smatterings of your basic Mexican and European imports (Dos Equis, Heineken, Corona, etc).
The drinks were neither disappointing nor impressive.
The staff and patrons were every bit as pleasant as one would expect here in San Antonio.. God, I love this town.
As for atmosphere, I normally define this as people plus facility... Like I said before, the people are cool; the facility however is filthy to a point that it was difficult for me to stay for the band's entire performance. (I'm kinda freaky like that) The table was sticky with several days of funk each time I was there and the windows... are they tinted? No that's not tinting... holy crap! It's tar! Seriously amigos.. There's so much smoke build-up on the windows they look tinted! The men's room... I have relieved myself in nicer restrooms in Southwest Asia and Mexico (c'mon my military friends, you know what I'm talking about)... oh the humanity! Hey Jack's, if I feel like vomiting in your bar I want it to be due to the massive amounts of alcohol I have consumed there, not because the smell and appearance of your men's room hit me like my twelfth Jager-bomb!
Completely off-topic but if you leave Jack's thirsty for just about any kind of beer you can think of or hungry at all, head next door to Pizza Itialia, Bad-ass beer selection and bad-ass pizza (Don't worry guys, I'll get around to you too)

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