Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Randolph AFB Enlisted Club

I would feel bad if the E-Club didn't get at least a little quick love from me.
It's cheap... super cheap to get ripped at the Enlisted Club (or O-Club for that matter) but the Air Forces' relentless persecution of smokers and drinkers (primarily smokers) makes it difficult for a real drunkard such as myself to enjoy even the most cut-rate booze. The E-Club happens to contain the only indoor smokers' habitat (Gil's Pub) on the entire base. It's ridiculously small and on your typical Friday afternoon is standing room only.
One would think a place that consistently packs on predictable days would have the staff on hand to keep service up to an acceptable level... the E-Club, not so much. Normally one bartender in the smoking bar regardless of how busy they are.
I don't have to say too much about this place beyond that... Everything else is exactly to regulation... Happy Hour food is mandatory... etc.
Anyway.. the cheap booze just isn't worth the cramped smoking bar, the sometimes long waits for a drink, or getting pulled over at the gate on your way home only to get hassled about a .06BAL
Gil's Pub is now smoke free. It felt funny, after fourteen years of paying membership dues, to cancel my Enlisted Club membership. The Air Force clearly wants us all to quit smoking; what's next? I hear some of our leadership is very religious, maybe they'll make Sunday school mandatory....

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