Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fatso's Sports Garden

James wanted me to review this joint. Here's for you amigo!
Fatso's is a relatively new sports bar in my hood. It's BIG, very big. They have furnished it with large picnic tables covering the entire floor space. The floor has been painted to look like half basketball court and half football field. There are eight 50" TVs and 25 smaller screens. So I imagine if there are ANY sports on, you'll be able to catch it here. There are a couple of pool tables and several video games at one end.
There are 16 beers on tap (order pitchers, they are gimongus), lots in the bottle import and domestic, and even girl beer (you know, Smirnoff Ice, Raw Tea, etc.). They have no "top shelf" liquor, but the selection looks like one could get sufficiently blasted without having to settle.
The drinks are 1.25oz shots but are BIG. They taste weak, order a double. They aren't too expensive, $3.75 for a Tito's and soda during happy hour. Not a place for cocktails unless your girlfriend or boyfriend won't drink beer.
This place is completely devoid of HCWBMA. Honestly.. not a hot server in sight. Even the guys are homely.
The menu is your standard Texas bar fare, mostly BBQ themed. We had appetizers and they were... alright. I do recommend the "Super Skins", they are potato skins swimming in cheddar and topped with brisket (or chicken fajita).
This is NOT a smoker friendly environment. You'll have to go on the patio if you need your nicotine. Which brings me to the EIGHT beach-volleyball courts off of the patio. This property is huge y'all. Makes me wish I were a bit more.... sporty. Sincerely!
I like Fatso's. It's not a happy hour haunt for sure, but were I younger and sportier I would be here quite a bit. It would be a blast to meet my friends here to play some volleyball and drink a few gallons of brew.
These folks are having a really good time. There's even a little talent out here. Bumpy guys and buff chicks. Lots of fun to watch. The staff excluded for sure.
Oh My F***ing God.. $19 for a pitcher of beer?!! My tab was WAY too high. I will not go back to Fatso's for anything other than playing volleyball with friends (I know, as if). The drinks are sooooo too expensive. I wish my tab had been less; I really wanted to come here again, if for no other reason just to (let Mrs SgtCody) watch the kids play volleyball ah la Top Gun.

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