Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chicago Bar

I have already reviewed Chicago Bar; it's pretty much the same as New York Bar with only minor aesthetic differences. Chicago Bar has roughly two-thirds the floor space of New York Bar, most of which is taken up with large leather furniture. The bar itself is exactly half of that at New York Bar but no big deal as I was one of only three patrons in there. Britney (pardon my spelling if it's wrong) was the HCWBMA du jour and was cheerful and attentive. I can't say how knowledgeable a bartender she is, we didn't exactly throw her any curveballs. Chicago Bar was... sticky. The floor, the bar, even the fixtures in the restroom. It was like they had used Sprite in the cleaning bucket. Our tab was quite reasonable considering the number and type of drinks we had.
Everything else is exactly the same as New York Bar.
The verdict: A good bar in which to meet friends after work.

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