Sunday, March 9, 2008


Mulligan's (281 and Redland) is a pretty decent sports bar. They have several varieties of beer on tap and an extensive selection of spirits. In fact they may have the largest collection of liquor I have seen at a bar in San Antonio. Unfortunately the pours there are very short. Even a double was a little too weak for me and at $8.50 I doubt I'll be drinking cocktails there ever again.
The patrons are pretty much what one would expect at a sports bar; 95% male. These guys get noisy as sports fans often do.
I had a sandwich while there and wasn't impressed, but it kept me alive for another day. The service was adequate but not stellar though the bartender did make a drink suggestion that had us ordering it at another bar (Grape Three Olives vodka and Sprite).
This bar is okay if you're looking to drink beer and watch a game with your buddies but it's not really my bag. I think my problem with Mulligan's is this: weak drinks are symptomatic of bar ownership placing profit margins above providing value to the customer. So my recommendation is that you take your money to a place that cares about what you want.

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