Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lion and Rose (All locations)

The Lion and Rose is a very American attempt at an English pub. I love the drought beer selection (13+ varieties, 90% imports). I have never ordered a mixed drink at L&R but have had friends do so. Short answer: don't bother. While the pours aren't "short" per-se, the drinks are weak because they are normally tall and ownership has installed the worst thing that has ever disgraced a bar: an electronic liquor meter system. I think Beelzebub must have opened up a tenth circle of hell in which this system is manufactured and an eleventh circle just for me where I will be forced to sell it to bar owners world wide. These electronic spouts are the single shittiest thing an owner can do to the client and to the bartender. You may as well put a sign above the bar that says "I don't trust my staff and I don't care what my customers want"... Whew, sorry 'bout that.
Anyhoo... The beer is outstanding and the service is always good. The menu is an okay attempt at English fare but the food quality is very inconsistent. I personally avoid eating there but I do like the "English Chips with Guinness".
The specials are good. On Wednesday night if you order the pint night special you keep the glass for every single beer you drink. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but these are the glasses from the brewer. One can score some really nice glassware, sometimes even rare glasses. When I look around my house and see all the glasses I have from pint night I feel a little embarrassed. Several cases...
So, go on over to L&R to start your collection. Just DO NOT ORDER LIQUOR. Maybe ownership will get the hint.
We just left the L&R North location and they have no metering system. The drinks there were MUCH better.

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