Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kirby's Steakhouse

I came across Kirby's Steakhouse when hunting a nice place to make Mrs. SgtCody take me for my birthday dinner. The food is outstanding as one would expect when paying such high prices. The service is good, not rock-star good, but better than Silo. Our dining experience was unremarkable but completely satisfactory.
When we were done eating I suggested we finish our wine in the bar (I start feeling somehow captive sitting at the dinner table once I'm done eating) all agreed and our tab followed us in there seamlessly.
We walked in to find a very nice room with several booths, high-top tables and a long marble bar. There was a jazz trio playing in the corner that added to that snobby bar feeling. We squeezed into the last remaining two bar stools and were immediately greeted by a broadly smiling Duane who took our wine bottle from us and topped off our glasses. He then slid an object across the bar to me that I never expected to see in such a new restaurant.. I was shocked and elated; it was an ashtray! WooHoo! It looks like we won't be going to CB's tonight after all!
I have been back several times for happy hour drinks and while the prices are still a bit high, happy hour does soften the blow come check time. No, they don't have bar snacks though the half-price appetizers help considerably. The fried pickles are a mandatory purchase if you order anything, trust me they are AMAZING.
The bar staff at Kirby's has set a new standard in San Antonio. I don't know how the management finds these folks. They make creative drinks (not strong drinks but mixed well) and make even better conversation. I can honestly say I have never been made to feel more at home in such a nice place. Not only that, but they seemingly brief one another about the regulars for continuity. Seriously, each time we go in there to find a new bartender we introduce ourselves to which they always reply "oh right, Duane told me about y'all" (no... not like that.. We're on our best behavior in there.. ).
Their "normal" patrons are about the same as at Silo only there are more couples than there are cougars and bachelors. I couldn't really tell you if these are the kind of folks with whom you could engage in conversation because I'm normally being entertained by the staff either directly or by watching Mrs. SgtCody flirt and swoon with Duane, Jeremy or Joey (sorry I had your names wrong guys) with amusement. There was one HCWBMA, I think her name was Brandy. She is the the long lost identical twin of Renee Zellweger (you'll see).
The alcohol selection is excellent. Pretty much anything you could want (including the formally served Pernod). They have a great selection of wine and beer as well, from budget to extravagant (mmmm Chimay). The only flaw I found with the drinks here is that they serve the red wine slightly chilled, not a deal-breaker but worth noting.
There are a couple of interesting things that wouldn't normally make it into a bar review: First, no one goes into this bar that doesn't say "I love these lamps, I wonder where they got them". Second, the girls they put at the front door are always stunning, it's tough for me to pass them by without gawking (I have to admit I doubt I'm always successful). Third, and this is gonna sound stupid, the paper towels in the restrooms are nice enough that I pocket a couple every time I'm there.
Kirby's is one of those places that I drop in for a couple but end up staying for MUCH longer. Stop in sometime and order a Velvet Hammer (Vodka and Red Wine). I had a couple in there the other day, the look of shock on Joel's face as I poured the blackberry vodka into my wine was hysterical!

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Carlos said...

So good to see you back! Although I am noticing that this Kirby's update is from the beginning of the month - oh well - it's a start! I'll drop in more often! - carlos